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Holistic Talk Therapy

“The very art of listening, real listening, is healing.”

Hugh Milne

Seeing a talk therapist for the first time in my life changed me forever. I remember walking out of her cosied home office that day and taking a look at the world around me, I saw a different place – there was hope and comfort and light in it, of the sort I was not familiar with until then.

She somehow reflected a part of me, which was pure and intact and in that reflection, I saw my potential for wholeness, for the first time since I remembered.

I knew then that this was not about the type of therapy she practised. It was about how she connected with me and how she held the space, in which I felt heard, seen and validated.

As infants, we need to be seen and heard and held within our emotions, as much as we need food and shelter.

A large part of our nervous system is designed to develop by mirroring the emotional state and nervous system regulation of our parents. If they are stable and mature emotionally and attuned to us fully, we are given the gift of growing up with an inner feeling of safety, resilience and the ability to self-regulate all throughout life.

If this gift happens to be missing from our life, even partially, this can cause us to grow up feeling ungrounded, insecure, indecisive, unable to regulate our emotional states and form happy and functional relationships. And these are only the milder effects, which so often we try to address by asking the self-degrading question – ‘What is wrong with me?’

Having grown up with this question, I felt inspired to step into this field of work and my current talk-based therapy practice was born out of my own healing experience, over the last 10 years.

Here, I build upon the foundation of deep listening, inquiry and reflection with my nervous system and stress physiology knowledge, along with elements of Shadow / Inner Child Work, Dream Analysis (by Carl Jung) and an additional array of methods and approaches, which I have found helpful on my path.

I began adding these elements after realising, experientially, that compassionate listening and reflection on their own were not sufficient to create lasting shifts for my clients.

Diseases and imbalances (whether emotional, mental or physical) are only the symptoms. The causes are the stories that run through our heads. These stories create maladaptive behaviours, again, often in response to early life stress, which can later lead to dysregulation of our nervous system and chronic discomfort and illness. To change these stories, we need to challenge and work with them from a few different perspectives.

Once we are willing to courageously step outside these confines, we are ready to reconnect to our essence and to return to our bodies, our voices and the present moment.

As it is only in the present moment and while fully tuned into our physical and emotional impulses, that we can experience health, peace and fulfilment.



My role in this process is to firstly, hear you. To hear what you need to express - on both, conscious and unconscious levels.

And to then, help you understand how experiences in the past can affect your experience in the present.


How the state of your nervous system determines how you perceive yourself and life.

How to identify those limiting beliefs and emotions, which reside in the ‘blind spots’ of your conscious awareness and how to transmute their energy, releasing the life force trapped in them.

Our organisms are creative entities and they will choose to express imbalance in a way that is unique to each one of us. This is why I generally refrain from listing states/conditions/symptoms etc, which I work with and specialise in. Nowadays, I notice the gamut of ailments and their combinations growing fast and a number of people may be experiencing completely different imbalances but the core cause of them is very similar. As Mike Boxhall said – “90% of all pathology has its root in stress”.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wholeness.

“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Carl Jung

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