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Yoga Child's Pose

‘I want to unfold. Let no place in me hold itself closed, for where I am closed, I am false.’

Rainer Maria Rilke

I trained to teach traditional Ashtanga yoga, Mysore style. Nowadays, I use a much broader canvas, upon which to paint a more spacious and less dogmatic style, adapted to every body and every mind. I called this ‘Wake-up-Yoga’ initially as it is what it did and continues to do for me each day, both literally and symbolically.

As we know, yoga is a multi-tool, a bit like the Swiss Army knife of self-enquiry. If we use all of its facets, correctly, it can show us where and how we hold, all that prevents us from truly experiencing life. With consistent practice, our mat can become our mirror and each stepping on it, turns into a valuable lesson on living, as our most authentic selves.

As a young person, I run a lot and that kept me healthy and fit, it taught me about nutrition and how to focus and discipline my mind and I still believe that commitment to any sport or fitness programme can do this for us. Yoga, on another hand, taught me how to open to life and become stronger through being vulnerable, how to listen to the real needs of my body and soul, and how invaluable, learning to accept and love myself (just as I am) can be.

This is what inspired me to share this practice. I hope that through my teaching, I can help people realise that there is no right or wrong in yoga (just as in life). As long as our practice is safe and enjoyable, yoga should feel free and liberating.

Saying this, what I practice and teach is still rooted in the “eight-limbed” Ashtanga Yoga tradition. Practising the dharmic principles of right living (‘Yama’ & ‘Nyama’) – non-violence, honesty, generosity of spirit and action, the right use of my energy and constant surrender to the flow of life, are still very challenging at times but are also, my constant guiding light to a more compassionate and loving way of being.

The asana practice I teach is generally dynamic (unless in a retreat setting where I tailor it to the group) and is structured around the sequence of the Ashtanga series 1 and 2. I add to that elements of Hatha and restorative yoga and each session includes a pranayama element as well as a relaxation at the end, to integrate the effects of the practice.


I specialise in individual sessions and small group classes and can adapt each session, to suit your specific needs in any life period or on any given day.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat and sharing this opportunity and each experience.

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