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Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Fresh Strawberries

"The noblest art is that of making others happy"

P. T. Barnum

I invite you to join me, on a nourishing journey within.

What awaits you is a unique mix of yoga, meditation, nature, wholesome food, peaceful ambience and safe, fun space for self-reflection, enquiry and connection.

I hand-pick all locations and retreat centres, for their unique mix of beautiful nature, nurturing energy and peaceful comfort – a treat for all our senses.

We usually spend 5 to 7 days, allowing ourselves to fully let go of our day-to-day lives, to share stories, to learn to listen to the real needs of our minds, bodies and souls.

We immerse ourselves in the healing sounds and sights of nature. We practice yoga and healing activities like walking & swimming, we share nourishing meals, freshly prepared by our beloved Ayurvedic chef. 

We indulge in candle-lit dinners over a glass of local wine, we share stories and songs around the campfire. We nap, we dance, we practice mindful silence and reflective journaling. 

But most of all, we re-learn to play, to relax, to step away from Doing and indulge in the healing art of simply Being. 

For news on upcoming retreats, please pop your email address below so I can send these to you when the time comes.

Kids Jumping into the Lake

“When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop being enchanted by

When did you stop being comforted by the sweet sound of silence?” 

Shamanic saying

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